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Our technical ability to mould shapes in unique custom colours from Capsule, allows us to offer true flexibility and diverse designs to all of our clients.  

Reception Desks

Use your company colors to the full, by incorporating them into your reception desk.

We will create a bespoke blend of pigmented Capsule to match your company colors to then use as a highlight or to produce a whole reception desk in your chosen colour.

Wash Troughs

A great new choice for all Architects and Designers, who are wishing to offer their clients a quality British product, with flexible design qualities at a competitive price.

For use within public washrooms, we are proud to introduce our fully moulded Capsule wash troughs.

The whole bowl section of the trough is moulded in one piece, with no joints. This unique production method makes it incredibly durable over other fabricated troughs currently on the market.

A matching or contrasting colour for the deck, tap-mount and up-stand can be added to your own specification. The front panel made from robust solid grade laminate is available in a large selection of colours.

Dentists & Healthcare

Ideal for use within the Healthcare Sector, the non-porous properties of Capsule makes it naturally hygienic preventing the growth of bacteria and germs. The smooth seamless joints, integrated bowls and flowing coved up-stand make it an easy solution for meticulous cleaning.

Even after heavy use, Capsule will still attain a showroom finish years after its installation due to its robust and homogenous properties.

One-piece moulded vanity tops

We have been commissioned to produce various ranges of mould vanity tops with integral bowls for washrooms on trains, yatchs, canal boats and camper vans.

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