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Why We Are Different

We are proud to present Capsule, the first acrylic solid surface to be produced exclusively in Britain.

Capsule Solid Surface is an individually cast, unique blend of natural minerals and pigments, suspended in a high-performance resin.

Developed in conjunction with one of the worlds highest quality resins manufacturers, Capsule commands the same attributes and qualities as other global leading solid surface brands.

We strongly believe in using only premium grade materials to achieve a natural beauty that can stand up to the rigors of daily use, without compromise.

British Made: We don’t just buy in standard sized sheets of solid surface from around the world, transporting them across oceans and continents. We cast all our own material from our factory, located within the beautiful Cotswolds.

We believe in supporting our highly talented teams of great British manufacturers, technologists, colourists and scientists, who produce the raw ingredients that go into Capsule Solid Surface.

Limiting Waste: As an integral part of our approach to Sustainable Design, we only produce the amount of material that is required for each project, making us the only one of a kind in Britain, who can adopt this specialized production technique for solid surface.

Unlimiting Colour: Here at Capsule, we love colour and as we cast our own material, we are not beholden to a limited colour range. Pick a colour and we can match it.

Ideal for architects and designers, our unique productions methods coupled with skilled craftsmen and the latest high-tech equipment, Capsule offers…


RAL, NCS, Pantone


Don’t just stop at 96 colors, we can go on forever.

Let us have a RAL, BS Standard, NCS, Pantone reference or even a section of your favorite jumper and we can produce Capsule Solid Surface to match.

Designers love this option, as it gives them the freedom to use any colour they can think of. This solution is ideal for corporate identity or brand awareness.

We can produce individual colours in very small quantities (from around 1m sq) up to longer runs (100m +). So you could incorporate a small amount of a company colour to highlight just a section, or create a whole project in a bespoke colour.

Bespoke Textured Colours


If you can’t find exactly what you are looking for in our standard range or just fancy something completely unique to you, we have an array of different sized and coloured granules, which we can develop with you to create an entirely bespoke textured solid surface.

Standard Range

If the unlimited colour range is just too much choice, we have created a range of popular colors ranging from silky smooth solids to textured grains.


Capsule Solid Surface is created by using the latest technology within the UK. We blend our specifically formulated, liquid resins with natural minerals and pigments. We are experts at casting with both acrylic and polyester resin and can adapt to using either system for individual projects.

We are not limited to fabricating products from standard size sheets, like other solid surface companies, instead we utilizing our unique production methods by casting into a variety of different sized and shaped moulds. This dramatically reduces waste and minimizes the need for so many joints. This in turn, makes all our products stronger as they are moulded where possible, sometimes as one piece, instead of being fabricated.

By having fewer seams to bond together, our production methods reduce the fabrication time in our factory, as well the installation time on site, giving Capsule Solid Surface a competitive edge.

Each item that leaves our factory, is hand sanded to either a matte or satin finish by our master craftsmen.


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